Septic and Grease Pumping

We offer location, uncovering, and pumping for hard to find septic tanks (keeps digging to a minimum). We also offer Tuf-Tite risers that can be installed just below the ground to make accessing the tank easier.

We perform all aspects of pump repairs, and installation of new pumps – both Residential and Commercial.


Grease trap is a gravity device that traps the grease and solids before entering the sewer lines. Grease traps are typically located inside the facility varying in sizes that are typically 50 gallons or below. Due to its small capacity content level, they are usually serviced between 2-8 weeks, Depending on the amount of content going through the device this will determine how often the grease trap will be serviced.


When it comes to FSE’s (Food Servicing Establishments) the grease interceptor is basically the heart of the facility. Failing to properly clean or completely pump out the interceptor can lead to major problems such kitchen drain back up or grease interceptor overflow. Most municipalities will require interceptors to be pumped when it reaches 25-30% of combined grease and solid content or at least every 6 months. Call us today for a quote.

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